Alzheimer's Disease is a progressive disorder of cognitive abilities that falls in a category of dementia.  This type of dementia has the presence of abnormal structures (tangles and plaques) inside the brain which causes the symptoms.  These symptoms include: memory loss, problems with language, inability to do problem solving and disorientation to time, places and people.  The cause is unknown, and currently there is no treatment available and no cure.

Parkinson's Disease is a progressive brain disorder which affects the nerve system that controls body movements.  PD occurs when the neurons, or brain cells, decline and cause a deficiency of the brain chemical dopamine.  Dopamine affects the part of the brain associated with muscle control, attention and learning.  There are many possible symptoms which vary from person to person.  These include: tremor, rigidity, slow movement, and impaired balance.  Every case is unique.  Symptoms can be treated, but there is currently no cure.

Parkinson's Disease...Alzheimer's Disease