This is a special and unique ministry just for caregivers.

Although it is Christian based, it is open to all faiths.

We are here to offer any type of help that you as the caregiver or family member, needs to navigate this challenge you are going through.  We may not have every answer for you, but we offer guidance, compassion, friendship, support and most importantly faith and hope!

We are in this together!

Don't feel you are alone in your fight!

Caregivers Ministry

What we offer

Support Groups

First Sunday of each month, 7:00 - 8:30

Cost:  $5 at door

This is a place for you to belong, not just attend!

It's a chance to share, laugh and relax


Caregiving 101, 201

Estate Planning 101

Talking With Your Doctor 101

Keep checking for class schedules

Individual Coaching/Counseling

This is one-on-one sessions

It's your time to be heard, express frustrations, receive encouragement

Resource Library

We are building a list of referrals available to you covering many areas

Hope for Helpers